ARIMA model for non stationary time series in a simple way


Did you wonder how can you apply the ARIMA model for non stationary time series? Although the ARIMA model is very efficient for the stationary time series, we can also use the ARIMA model for non stationary time series as well. A statistical model called ARIMA is applied to time series analysis. The ARMA model, … Read more

How To Use Isolation Forest to Detect Outliers in Machine Learning


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ARIMA and Facebook prophet to analyze stock market in Machine Learning


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Top 12 ways for stock price predictions using machine learning


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Visualize outliers using Python in Machine Learning


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How to use catboost in python: Hyperparameter tuning of catboost


Catboost is the most recent boosting algorithm that can be used for classification, regression, and time series datasets. It was developed by Yandex company which is an online Taxi company and the module was made publically available in 2017. Catboost is widely used for a variety of functions, including search, recommendation systems, personal assistants, self-driving … Read more

What is lightGBM and how to do hyperparameter tuning of LightGBM


LightGBM is a supervised boosting algorithm, that was developed by the Mircosoft company and was made publically available in 2017. It is an open-source module that can be used as a boosting model. It is very powerful, fast, and accurate as compared to many other boosting algorithms. In this article, we will go through some … Read more

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